Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ionela Runs the World

I am currently watching Ionela try on all my jewelry. It's not as thrilling as it sounds (or maybe it is). It's very strange to live with a child when the last time you did was when you were one, too. A lot of us are having trouble with the kids that we are living with - we love them, but they sometimes don't knock, or give you any personal space, or give your belongings any personal space.. Ionela has seen me naked, so whatever. Today she sat on my hip and pointed to my stomach saying, "Ai bebe!" over and over at max volume. So she's saying that I have a baby, again and again. Don't know if it's her way of saying that all the food they feed me is making me fat, or if she's just crazy. I'm guessing it's the latter, even with 4 meals a day some days.

Now she's dancing around wearing 5 of my rings and my tiara.

Anyway, today we had our second progress check with our Program Manager and with Alex, the Director of Program and Training. I think it went well; it was relatively informal, though they did have a few questions that I made sure to prepare for. After we are all interviewed, they will finalize a site for us to live and work at for the next two years. We find out our permanent site placement one week from today! Some of us (I'm not saying me, but I'm also not not saying me) have countdowns on our phone and everything and there is one girl who is able to tell you how long til then down to the minute. That girl is really for sure not me. We're pretty anxious to find out where we're going to be for the next two years. Really all I want is to be near ANYONE else, so I don't die in Moldova of loneliness or something.

Today I successfully and correctly asked in Romanian if I may wash my clothes, and I learned how to use their washer! There are a lot of confusing buttons, but Ionela was more than happy to help. After they wash, I'm sure she will be eager to help me hang them to dry. She wants me to dance with her right now, so I'll post this and update more later!

P.S. I feel like I have a cold, but if I tell my host family, I think they'll just say, "I told you so" because they keep telling me cold water makes you sick, but I keep some in the fridge and drink it anyway.... Because I like it, so... Whatever!

Enjoy this picture of Ionela trying on my bra. She sure did.

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