Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chickens and Pigs and Sunsets, Oh My!

Yesterday I learned what I can and cannot eat and today I broke all the rules. 

To be fair, it took them a week to tell us that information and I had already confirmed that I liked certain things, so my host family is going to continue to give them to me. Such as, brînză, which is homemade cheese that we aren't supposed to eat uncooked. Guess what was right next to my fried egg tonight? If you thought brînză, you thought right. And did I eat it? Well, I can't confirm or deny that, but if the medical officers ask, I absolutely did not. 

I am also to wash every piece of fruit I eat in water that I have boiled and filtered, and I'm not saying I didn't do that, but I am saying that I was outside next to the raspberry bushes, cherry trees, apple trees, and other unidentifiable fruit bushes (she told me the name, but guess what language it was in?) and I was offered some of these things. I'm also saying that it's rude to decline and that I love fruit. So you can come to your own conclusions. 

Ionela also showed me everything in the backyard, much of which I had not seen before. We went out to pick cherries a few days ago and I saw that there were lots of baby chickens and two pigs, but I thought that meant I had seen all the animals, and I was very wrong. There are lots of baby chickens and two pigs, but there is also a pen that I hadn't seen before that I got to go in today. It has bunnies, ducks, ducklings, chickens, and maybe a rooster? I couldn't tell for sure, as my knowledge of gender in farm animals is relatively lacking. 

I'm also pretty sure I've been eating some of these animals, but whenever the pigs start squealing like something is killing them, I make sure not to go outside. I don't think I'm quite ready to help kill a chicken or something. Just a hunch. 

There is also a gorgeous view from the edge of the fenced property, which I got to see the sun setting over today. Many fields and hills and such. 

Tomorrow is Fridaaaaaayyyy! Oh, but I have school on Saturday too. Well, it's the thought that counts. Here is one last picture to sum up the day. 

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