Friday, June 20, 2014

Great day in Chișinău!

Not every day is a good day but some days turn out to be great. Yesterday was one of those days for me. 

Cow parade!
The day before had been not so good. It was slightly redeemed by getting to video chat with Becky, but that was the only bright moment; otherwise, it just stunk. 

But then! Yesterday happened. Once a week we go into Chișinău and we get to see everyone. (Normally during the week we are just with our sector.) This is obviously fun because we have friends in other sectors that we get to see. Yesterday we had classes about sexual assault awareness, alcohol awareness, etc. but the topics of sessions vary each week. We also get shots (yesterday was rabies and typhoid) so I'm going to be great at getting those after this is over. We have short language class, which is nice because it's not as stressful and I think I actually said some sentences correctly yesterday. 

I have been craving an iced coffee for quite some time. There is no ice here anywhere. Even if I had an ice tray, I would have to boil water, filter it, and THEN put it into the tray and freeze it. So I've got an iced coffee mix or two but it is much too much work for me at the moment (I may eventually put one in a water bottle and just put that in the freezer). Actually, the only cold thing we drink here is beer, really. The stores will have water and juice and soda in fridge things, but I don't buy them too often. I put a water bottle in the fridge and my host mother told me I was going to get sick from drinking cold water. This is what they think so this is why there is no cold water. BUT in Chișinău, there is a coffee place that seems similar to Starbucks, so Olivia and I ventured there during our lunch break and got THE BEST iced coffee of my entire life. I mean, maybe it wasn't, but it sure felt like it was.

So my day was already great AND THEN we got to language class and the mail came. Not everyone got mail, but I got FOUR cards! So it was the greatest day ever. Two from my mom, one from my dad, and one from Samantha at church! AWESOME. 

This has directions and kilometers to many places
After we were finished with all our shots and classes, a few of us walked around Chișinău, saw the sights, bought some popcorn, and had some fun! Naomi bought some honey from an old man selling it and she opened it right there so we could taste. The man came over with tasting sticks and basically shoved one in each of our mouths, which was hilarious. And the honey was good too! 
We got home and had dinner, and then I went to Naomi's house to do homework, which of course didn't even happen. Then when I walked back into the house, host dad said, "Catherine, come have some wine!" so I had some wine and Nina took me outside to show me where they were making compot. I have had compot to drink before (it's a fruit juice that they make) but I didn't know how they made it. Three women, including host mom, were outside pitting cherries for cherry compot. There was a huge box over a fire and probably 20 jars of cherries and water (I think) boiling inside water. They will drink these throughout the winter, and every kind I've tried has been pretty good! 

Chess board organized by an old PCV!

So it was quite a long day but it was also an awesome one. And enough to carry my good mood to today! Let's hope it continues! On Sunday our mentors are going to come visit us in our town so we can hang out, which will be great! 

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