Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cafea All Over Town

Today we had a half day of lessons. We also have a community mapping project that involves walking around the whole village and observing, talking to people, making note of where things are, etc. in order to make a map of Magdăceşti. My group of four planned to work on our map today after language, so we started by going to the side of the village we hadn't yet visited, which began with a stop at one of "our" houses. We figured we would just hang out outside while she dropped off her books, but we were mistaken, as her mamă gazdă (host mom) invited us in for coffee. 

It seems like this is typical, and she seemed to really want us to come in for coffee and treats, so we did. It was interesting to the three of us that don't live there to see the way one mamă gazdă interacts with her Peace Corps Trainee, since we all have different host family situations. She was very kind to us and made sure we had more than enough chocolate and nuts to eat, and I think she enjoyed having us there as much as we enjoyed being with her! She doesn't speak English and our Romanian is only a week old, but we felt pretty confident about our ability to have a conversation with her. This is especially great after a discouraging language class, because then you think, oh, well maybe I do know something! 

We then walked around that side of town and went to a second house to work on our map, which was fun! At that house there was a very pretty gazebo outside for us to work in, and more food. The second mamă gazdă brought us a big plate of cherries to share, and then when we were about finished, she brought us cookies and coffee. 

They're all so sweet to us! We didn't expect any of that, but it was all lovely and we got to bond with one or two more host moms than we normally do. Now I want to visit everyone's house so we can meet all the families hosting us! Each house and family is so different - some of us are with just one woman, others have grandchildren in the house, or just a couple, or older children.. It's very cool. 

Now I am just hanging out at the house with my host sisters and niece.. And tomorrow is Sunday so we have the day off - woo hoo! 

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