Sunday, November 8, 2015

Today I'm Thankful For...

Thanksgiving is obviously my favorite holiday, because food and family and turkey.. Wait, turkey goes into that first category, doesn't it? WHATEVER. Rather than think about potential controversy surrounding the day, let's just take this time to be grateful for all that we've got. So I'm going to do that all month (like I did last year) because it's fun, and we should be doing it all the time, obviously!

November 1: Time spent with new volunteers and tours of new cities.

November 2: Messages from my godson's mother - she told me that he looks at and asks for my picture online and says, "Mommy where is my Mom? Show me my mom, please!" 

November 3: Getting to go outside in beautiful weather and help plant trees in the park.

November 4: 17 months in Moldova, which I celebrated by taking myself out for coffee during the day and out to dinner in the evening, where I had possibly the greatest dessert in all of Moldova (think: an explosion of chocolate). Phone calls so long that we get cut off and have to call back to continue the conversation. 

November 5: Being in charge of my own destiny, running into friends while in a completely different neighborhood, getting to see the passion and dedication of young girls pursuing technology (Moldovan girls are featured in CODEGIRL documentary about the Technovation Challenge, and it's awesome). Umbrellas, art, stars in the southern sky.

November 6: Coffee, this song, and this book

November 7: The brightest running shoes to get through the gloom made by the entire village burning everything, ghiÈ›mane, and four sweet, snuggly puppies.

November 8: A house to myself, a clean room (space to dance!), and Aziz Ansari. 

Check back on Sundays in November to read about what I'm thankful for this month. 

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