Monday, November 23, 2015

Today I'm Thankful For... #3

Serios, I'm confused. I was pretty sure November just started, and then I looked at the calendar and it was half over, and then I blinked and now it's been November for three weeks. What?

This week's been okay, nothing spectacular to write home about, but not much to whine about either, so I can't really complain! Here's what I've been thankful for this week.   

November 16: My favorite rutiera driver stopped and picked me up on the road today, even though I was just going to work and not leaving the village. He dropped me off right in front of the Primaria! So nice of him. It's always a better ride whenever he's driving. 

November 17: Some older, wiser volunteers told us that our second year would be crazy compared to our first. It's not that I didn't believe them, but I guess I needed to get there to think, oh yeah, I guess they were right. Today's been busy and I can tell the rest of the week will be too, but I think I'm thankful that it is. I'm getting things done and the future is looking bright - even though I've got no clue what it holds. 

November 18: Can I say "the mayor" again? Having a rough morning and he comes into the office, so I tell him we need to take some pictures for our next project. He takes me right out and drives me around the village to take these pictures. He tells me to write my parents to thank them for sending me here. We walk past the park and have this conversation: 
"This park - you did a good thing."
"WE did."
"Yes, well. If all volunteers do something like this - how many are you? 100? - Moldova will be a much better country." 
Then I sat with my host mom at dinner forever and showed her a million pictures of my family because A. I miss them and B. I think she truly enjoys seeing them. So that was nice.

November 19: A productive morning to myself, and sunset over the lake. 

November 20: Becky Sharkey, 5 year anniversaries, and crossing everything off my to-do list. 

November 21: Thanksgiving celebrations with the raion family that included: delicious food, desserts for days, running around with a football, pajamas, card games, and the Mirror of Thankfulness. 

November 22: Dutch Blitz, movie night, and honest conversations. And pajamas again, because obviously. 

So, this week was posted on Monday, 100% because I wasn't at home on Sunday, BUT it works out because November ends next Monday, so that's when I'll post the next one, too. Come back for that and the end of the month!

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