Sunday, November 9, 2014

November Gratitude #1

It's a popular time to express gratitude, what with it being the month of Thanksgiving and all. While I'm usually such a trendsetter (ha, ha), I've been seeing (and loving) a bunch of people telling the world what they're thankful for, so I thought this time I'd be a bandwagoner instead.

I plan to do a weekly roundup of at least one thing I've been appreciating each day, because let's face it, is it ever a bad idea to count your blessings? Didn't think so. 

November 1: The fact that I've made it through 150 days in Moldova. Can you even believe it? I can't. As of this posting, it's been just a smidge over 5 months.

November 2: My godson Kamci and all the pictures his mom posts on FB so I can see how big he's getting! 

November 3: My parents for (among other reasons) still solving my problems from 5,121 miles away, even if my mother is so terrible at Skype that when I can see them, they're upside down. LYLALAL! Also thankful for You've Got Mail. 

November 4: Being relatively close (less than an hour, usually!) to one of my COD friends and getting to share pizza, beer, and chocolate with her while we speak English quickly and fluently. 

November 5: When I get messages that make me feel good about myself, like: "It's actually impressive how solidly you've been able to provide me with any and all information I've needed these past couple days." I am pleased to be a real live version of Google for you, babe. 

November 6: Personally productive days - maybe I didn't do anything at work but I read 60 pages of my book, studied Romanian, did a dance workout, posted a blog, &c. 

November 7: Iana, my 8 year old friend. After a not-so-great first tutoring session, I met her on the way home and she ditched her friends decided to walk with me, hold my hand and listen to my iPod with me while we walked. When I feel like crap she looks up at me and tells me how beautiful I am, and she's totally patient when I have no idea what she's saying. I think I'll keep her around. 
Little Iana

November 8: Lovely, lazy November Saturdays where I can sit outside to finish a book and get some fresh air and sunshine. 

November 9: Pajama jeans, time to read, fresh homemade bread, anyone I've met in the last 5 months, and sunshine. 

Check back on Sundays in November to read about what I'm thankful for this month. 

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