Thursday, November 6, 2014

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I know I only post sunrise pictures, but in my defense, that's the direction my house faces.
Reading July, July by Tim O'Brien. It's my second book for the Semi-Charmed Winter Book Challenge, which I'm fully excited about. It will also be the 20th book I'll have read in Moldova. I also just finished How They Met by David Levithan, reaffirming him as my favorite author. 

Writing nothing! My journal is looking at all the books I'm reading and feeling neglected. But I think it'll survive.

Listening to 1989, obviously. I currently can't relate to people who aren't obsessed with the new Taylor Swift album. Also Sam Smith, because he's excellent, and In the Lonely Hour is fantastic, and sometimes you need a break from Taylor. Hypothetically. 

Thinking about Prague! A PCV friend and I have decided to go there for a little winter/New Year's vacation. We're so excited. 

Smelling burning leaves. This morning as we left the house, my host mom handed me a box of matches and told me I had to set the leaves on fire when I got home. Excuuuuse me? What makes her think I'm qualified to do that? Don't know, but I did it. I think. Haven't checked on it in a while. 

Wishing I could get a Peppermint Mocha in a red cup from Starbucks and Instagram it. So if everyone living near an SB (aka, anyone in the States) could just go there and have a holiday drink of your choice and think of me while you do it, that would be great. I'll be over here with my instant coffee, living vicariously through you. (Feel free to Instagram it and tag me, as we all know that you didn't really go to SB if you didn't post a picture on Instagram.)

Hoping the turkeys I saw this morning on my way to work are somebody's Thanksgiving birds. Just kidding, they don't have that here. But don't worry, that doesn't mean I'm not celebrating my favorite holiday! There are a bunch of PC Thanksgivings throughout Moldova, and I will be attending the most fun one, obviously (I've just declared this, so..). A bunch of us will be getting together in a raion relatively near the one I live in, so that should be really fun! I'm looking forward to it, AND to getting together for American football the week before.

Wearing sweatpants, duh. Is there any other option?

Loving when I get to see friends! I had to go to the raion center to use the ATM so I got to visit Kelsey at work Tuesday and we went out for pizza afterward! It's always nice to feel like I have a modicum of a social life.

Wanting to dance! YouTube is the greatest thing, did you know that? I haven't been motivated enough to go for walks in the cold, but I have found yoga on YouTube, and after I post this, I'm going to do a ballet workout. It's like I've got all these dance teachers online just waiting for me to come to class.

Needing to find appropriate Romanian materials, as I'm going to search for my tutor for the first time tomorrow (yes, search.. The church she's at, which I've never seen, was basically described to me today.. So I hope I can find it - we all know how great I am at directions, and these ones were in Romanian. Luckily I'm way better at finding things when I walk rather than drive)! My tutoring packets are in my room somewhere..

Here's a picture of our puppy, just because. Isn't she cute?
Feeling somewhat accomplished for the week. After site visit, I met the president of our local NGO and we just spent time together working on a concept note for a grant competition, which we finished A DAY EARLY and successfully submitted! Now we wait to see if we even did it right and get to move on to the next stage.. So fingers crossed!

Clicking this post of things to remember. (Inspirational quotes are my jam, you know.) Also, this Apple commercial, which I watched without sound at first and still wanted to cry. So precious. If you don't cry when you watch it, you might be heartless. 

That's what I'm up to these days! Life is not bad.

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