Sunday, September 14, 2014

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Reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I've read it before but thought I might like to again.
Writing emails. Just turned in some surveys due tomorrow and responded to some messages. Makes me feel much more accomplished on a lazy Sunday. 
Listening to Maroon 5's V, obsessively. I'm talking all the time. It's really good!
Thinking about the episode of Super Soul Sunday I just watched. Oprah interviewed Paulo Coelho and though I haven't read The Alchemist, he was pretty interesting. They talked about people's calling and he said, ""I'm not ready' is just an excuse." Yeah, and good thing no one let that be my excuse for not coming to Moldova. 
Smelling cough drops.. My throat hurts today - not fun!
Wishing I didn't feel sick and wishing that my host mother would not keep asking me WHY. I'm not a doctor; I don't know! Luckily she has tons of suggestions and things for me to do about it. Thanks, but no thanks. She also asks every 10 minutes or so if it still hurts. Well. Yes.
Hoping that I feel excellent by the end of the week, as that is when we return to our training site villages for PST III, aka more training! I can't wait.
Wearing Packer pajamas in the hopes it will help the boys with a win today! 
Loving the breezes and the nice walks through the valley.
Wanting hugs.
Needing to practice my dance so I can teach it to Miki during PST III. Her organization is having an event in October and the two of us are going to teach a short dance to the kids who come. It should be really fun! 
Feeling bad about not wanting to hang out with my host mom when I don't feel well, but today she did come in with two big photo albums to show me. One was sort of a wedding album and the other was a really cool one from when her husband was in the military. A really creative friend of theirs did all these fun drawings in that one and it was awesome to look at. 
Clicking this article about everyday experiences. I put my favorite quote from Ting Zhang on a picture I took yesterday on my walk.

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