Sunday, January 25, 2015

Currently #7

Yeah, THAT'S real. The sky was that blue.

Reading 24/7. Okay, not exactly 24/7, but I just finished 2 books this weekend, one of which I hadn't even started until this weekend. So what I'm reading now is North River, which I've been neglecting, but which I hope to get into and finish soon.

Writing the cutest Valentines for my friends. I'm going to be two weeks early with them but I don't care because I think A. They are adorable and B. I can do what I want.

Listening to lots of Ed Sheeran, which I'm sure is late because I think I recall having sorority sisters who were obsessed with him.. Better late than never, maybe. 

Thinking about all the things I learned at dinner the other night. First of all, if the jug of wine doesn't fill each glass, that means something for your future. Well, mine, because my glass was last to be filled with the last of the wine, and it didn't fill the glass. This means I'm going to have a boy for my first child. I tried to insist that I was okay with this, but mama gazda didn't care so she filled up the jug again. I also learned which woman in the village can do my nails in the future, so that's a pretty great find.

Smelling clean, although regrettably my shower turned cold halfway through because I had to go second. So that was a fun surprise. The water was possibly colder than the weather outside and there is snow on the ground, so that's how I felt. It's good for me though, riiiiiight? 

Wishing for a bubble bath with a glass of wine. Where can I get one of those around here?! (The former, of course. I definitely know where the wine is.)

Hoping our project workshop goes well this week. I'm going to this workshop with a "new" partner and I like her a lot. It's been a little frustrating to work on the project together, but she's very nice, "related" to me through host mom, and she seems really active and willing to work on projects both in the village and the raion. (She knew about our volunteering group and explained it to host mom before I even could!)

Wearing my fuzzy Vera robe, as usual! And nothing else. JUST KIDDING. Checking to see if you're still awake.  

Loving weekends, coffee, and Snapchats from an adorable Bubblegum Buddy. 

Wanting to make everyone else's lives better. Don't you sometimes feel that when you're not at your happiest, you want to help other people be happy? Maybe in the hopes that it will both make you feel better and make it so someone else doesn't feel like you do.

Needing to probably study Romanian a little. After our project workshop, we have some more language training, which I'm excited for but also dreading, because I think I've possibly regressed.. It's like I can't remember any words or how to conjugate verbs or how to.. talk. I don't really want to get to language and embarrass myself any more than usual. 

Feeling lonely, but that's gotta be partly because I've watched three Hallmark movies this weekend. I mean also because I'm lonely.

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