Sunday, August 31, 2014


Happy Sunday! Here's a quick update from Moldova.


Reading two books. It's nice to have one on the Kindle that I can take places and one that's a real book because, well.. Whoever doesn't prefer real books is nebun, aka crazy. The one on Kindle right now is Streetlights Like Fireworks, which I've just started but it's pretty good so far! And the physical book is Cloud Atlas, which is strange but good. I'm at a slow part so I'm having trouble with it, but I'm very interested. 
Writing down my budget - it's almost time to pay my host family, so I've currently got lei strewn around my bed (okay, it's in neat piles.. Like I would have it strewn anywhere.) and numbers scribbled all in my notebook. 
Listening to silence! This house is very quiet compared to the last one. 
Thinking about what to do for my office for my birthday, thanks to someone who reminded me I have no plans. The birthday person is supposed to bring treats, which I obviously think is silly, but whatever! We've decided on champagne and cake, so I'm halfway there, as I have a bottle of champagne from my training host family. 
Smelling clean laundry. 
There's a fun video for you of when I took it off the line! I'm very efficient, aka, I got a cool new app where I can speed up videos and this is how I tested it. 
Wishing it were Saturday again so I could be eating donuts in Chisinau with my friends for our birthdays!
Hoping the scheduled power outage on my birthday doesn't last for all of my birthday (I turn 24 on Thursday!!).. Because I'm also hoping that maybe some friends or family will FaceTime me so I'm not alllllll alone on my actual birthday. hint
Wearing sweatpants, duh. It's Sunday. I'm not going anywhere.
Loving the last few days. They've been pretty great! I might get to collaborate on a fun project with one of my COD buddies in October, and yesterday I went on a long walk - all the way to the edge of Moldova! (Don't worry, I didn't cross.) 
The nice sign telling me not to cross
The view of Moldova from its edge
Wanting ..besides donuts? Hmmm.. How about a nice shoulder massage? Thanks in advance.
Needing to translate my speech for tomorrow. I'm speaking at the first day of school! I have written a few sentences in English, and now I need to make them Romanian. 
Feeling excited because I just tracked my package from my favorite roomie and it is all the way in Germany! So it might be here by the time I'm in town to pick it up! Yay!
Clicking this post with inspiring quotes! I plan to put a few of them in and/or on my journal. 

O zi buna!

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